Jim Richard

partner & attorney

practicing law since 1977

I’m a dedicated attorney who has been proudly serving Marion County and surrounding
areas since 1980. My main area of practice is probate .. I relish the opportunity to meet clients, learn their
stories, understand their families, and guide them through a difficult time in their lives.
This personal connection adds a meaningful dimension to my work.

I am originally from Toronto, Canada. After graduating from the University of Toronto I
ventured to the United States for my legal education at the University of Florida College
of Law. My education there was temporarily interrupted when I gave in to a serious
case of “wander lust” which led me to Europe where I back-packed for nearly a year.
Upon returning to the States, I re-enrolled in law school, finishing in 1977.
My love for history and travel deeply influences my work and personal life. I live and
work in the Ocala Historic District.. Our office at 808 East Fort King St. was built in
1890 by William S. Bullock, who served as a circuit judge from 1901 through 1935.
For over 30 years I’ve served as a board member on the Ocala Preservation Advisory
Board (OHPAB) for the City of Ocala.

On a lighter note, you might find it interesting that I appeared in the 1973 movie “The
Paper Chase” as a student in the contracts law class. This experience, while brief, left a
lasting impression and a fun anecdote to share.

Josh Moses

partner & attorney

Licensed by the Florida Bar since 2015

I chose probate and estate planning law because it allows me to provide a meaningful service. When I commit to a client, I’m confident in our ability to achieve the desired outcome together. This area of law is unique because, rather than merely striving for results, I’m actively assisting clients through the process.

The most fulfilling aspect of my work is witnessing the transformation in my clients. They often arrive overwhelmed, unsure of where to begin, but by the end, they’re relieved and pleasantly surprised by how much easier the process was than they anticipated. 

As a native of Ocala, this community holds a special place in my heart. During law school, I spent a semester in London, where I had the invaluable experience of interning with a Barrister. This role
involved traveling to various courthouses in the area and attending hearings before the royal courts.
Outside of my professional life, I cherish spending time with my family. Since 2016, I’ve also been actively involved in competitive paintball, participating in both local leagues and the national NXL league.

Yolanda Noguera


President of Yolanda C. Noguera, P.A.

I am an attorney based in Ocala, Florida, with over a decade of experience in estate planning. My areas of expertise include Wills and Trusts, Deeds, Power of Attorney documents, and medical decision-making papers. Estate planning is a collaborative and dynamic process that takes family relationships into consideration. I am committed to demystifying this process for my clients, ensuring they comprehend each document thoroughly with patience and clarity. My background spans advertising, marketing, and real estate, working with both small businesses and large corporations.  

This journey has led me to value the personal connections I make with each client, as their individual stories are fascinating and enriching. The most fulfilling aspect of my work is witnessing the positive impact of my expertise on clients’ lives, providing them with a sense of security and peace of mind.

Outside work, I relish outdoor activities like hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and skiing, and I also enjoy playing the piano. I’m grateful for the intriguing travel and visitation recommendations my clients often share. What distinguishes us is our commitment to simplicity, even in complex situations.

Hablo Español, asi que si ese es su idioma principal, no hay problema.

Megan Kirkley

legal assistant to josh moses

Kim Dorris

legal assistant to
jim richard

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