Probate Services

Administering or handling an estate is a detailed, often complex process, particularly challenging for first-time personal representatives. They must fulfill numerous responsibilities during the administration process. The estate’s size and asset types may necessitate an experienced lawyer’s guidance for effective estate administration.

Probate Administration: Essentials

Probate administration ensures the efficient management and distribution of a deceased individual’s assets. This process involves filing a Will in court and administering the estate. It is commonly linked with testamentary wills, but intestate estates (without a Will) also undergo probate.

Legal Assistance in Probate

Our law firm specializes in assisting family members of a decedent in all probate aspects. We provide aid to clients in Central Florida and to those from other states with deceased loved ones in Florida.

Duties of a Personal Representative

If you’re named a personal representative (executor or executrix in some states) of a will, you must adhere to many fiduciary duties, some of which might be unfamiliar.

Client Representation in Probate and Estate Administration

We represent clients throughout the probate and estate administration process, guiding them through what can seem initially confusing and complicated.

Contact for Executor Representation

Appointed executors or personal representatives should contact us to learn how we can assist. We offer honest assessments of administrative expenses, including attorney’s fees.

Helping You Through a Complex Probate Process

Our firm responds to our clients’ needs. We understand that many persons named to serve as personal representative or executor have never been through this process before and that, in most cases, the deceased is a loved one. The combination of dealing with the grief of your loss and dealing with unfamiliar legal issues can often be too much to bear. When you hire our firm, we will be there with you at every step, providing sound advice and working to ensure that the entire process goes smoothly.

Among the probate administration services we provide are:
  • Filing and presenting the will
  • Assisting in gathering assets and preparing the inventory
  • Notifying all known and reasonably ascertainable creditors of the estate
  • Assisting the personal representative in paying the debts of the estate
  • Pursuing any judgments or outstanding accounts receivable that are owed to the estate
  • Defending against unfounded claims against theestate
  • Assisting with distributing remaining assets to heirs and others who are entitled to distributions
  • Advising the personal representative about preparing income and estate tax returns

We have extensive experience in probate administration matters. We are committed to helping you through the entire process and work to resolve your case in the most expedient and cost-effective manner possible.

Descendants Who Do Not Live in Florida but Who Own Property in Florida

We are experienced in working with personal representatives and other interested parties in settling estates in Florida of decedents who lived out of state. If you are handling an estate in another state and need to consult with a Florida attorney regarding real estate in Florida, give us a call. We can also assist you if you live in Florida and own property in another state by assisting you with locating an attorney in that state who can help you.

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